Learn about our surroundings
Learn about ourselves, Create our own future

Learn about our surroundings
Learn about ourselves, Create our own future

Our Actions Matter

Each of us, no matter how old or young, make choices and actions every day. Our choices and actions form our individuality and help create meaningful connections to the communities around us. At Future Me Future Us (FMFU), children are immersed in a creative, hands-on environment where they will discover the world in a new light. FMFU is about reimagining our future selves and future society. Children will learn about individuality and their own ability to create a better world. FMFU simply acts as a guide for young world-builders.

Modern Curriculum for a Rapidly Changing World

For our children to understand and thrive in this rapidly changing world, our curriculum must reflect reality. At FMFU, we focus not just on the material you learn and how to apply that knowledge, but also the individual process of learning itself. Children will become more curious, expressive, and communicative in their everyday lives, leading to a higher capacity to learn about the world and succeed.

Creating the Best Environment for Children to Succeed

Creating the Best Environment for Children to Succeed

At Grandir, our hands-on, cross-curricular English school, we have built an interactive environment where children learn to think critically to solve problems and improve our society. FMFU has all the same core values of individuality and problem solving development as Grandir, while providing a more personalized learning experience.

In order to thrive in the modern world, children will learn how to adapt to new environments and situations within a bilingual frame. They will acquire their own understanding of the world and their surroundings, developing an intrinsic sense of curiosity to question and dive deeper. Their curiosity will extend beyond the classroom as they become life-long learners.

Children are Challenged to Reach Their Fullest Potential in a Creative, Stimulating and Supportive Learning Environment

Children are Challenged to Reach Their Fullest Potential in a Creative, Stimulating and Supportive Learning Environment

FMFU believes in each child’s ability and agency to explore a wide range of ideas. Students will explore complex subjects not typically taught in kindergartens or elementary schools.

It takes time for children to understand their ambition, uniqueness, and strengths, but learning these aspects lead to a deeper understanding of themselves and how they can contribute to the world around them.

Students will learn from a diverse array of topics spanning from Psychology to Environmental studies. Each unit pulls from one of six umbrella topics: Economics, Psychology, Art, Social studies, Environmental studies, and Communication.
Children will learn extensively about the chosen topic, spending a few weeks on each project. The duration of each project will be determined by the children’s passion and drive to learn about the chosen topic.

Children will have opportunities to collaborate with professionals in related industries to learn more deeply about the topic and understand the tangible realities of what they are learning. They will continue to expand their knowledge and curiosity while exploring their own solutions to the complex reality they observe.


These are skills children will master:

◎The ability to succeed/achieve/connect
◎Put to use the knowledge learned at school
◎Learn about ourselves, and learn to love ourselves and our surroundings

◎Develop positive mindsets about differences, and learn to think outside the box to solve issues

Maximize our true potential
A mindset that welcomes challenges

Maximize our true potential
A mindset that welcomes challenges

FMFU explores methods to liberate and train our children’s minds to solve problems creatively. We are constantly researching and exploring new ways to teach and challenge learners to look within themselves to solve real-world issues.

Real Project

Future Me, Future Us, managed by Grandir Co., Ltd, developed "Real project" in which children select a topic to research and challenge themselves to find the solutions or answers to their questions. In our most recent project, we collaborated with "Hoxton Street Monster Suppplies", a strange shop in London that develops and sells " goods for the living, dead and undead", or more simply put,
"products for monsters". In reality, the makers of these products are children. An organization called
"ministry of stories" opened this store to bring out children's imagination. With our "real project", we collaborate with this organization and recently lauched a pop-up exhibition in Shibuya. We plan to collaborate more with organizations worldwide, alongside professionals to turn this experience into a learning opportunity for both children and adults.

Hawaii Program

In our Hawaii program, children learn from world-class professionals in the chosen field, as well as socialize with local chidren to solve SDG problems. The learning experience here cannot be gleamed from any environment in Japan nor anywhere else. Learning to think critically may be one of the most important skills that today's children will need to succeed in the future. Through our Hawaii program, we strive to build a foundation for critical thinking, by encouraging children to discover and explore their surroundings to solve sustainable environmental problems with their parents. Our immersive learning experience provides children with the foundation for their future success.
To find out more from our local office in Hawaii


In our bilingual curriculum, we foster children's independence to be curious, expressive, and communicative through our hands-on project based learning. We provide tools not only for our children to succeed in their future, but also tools for their parents to guide them in their mutual success. Our children are challenged to their fullest potential in a creative, stimulating and supportive learning environment. In today's rapidly changing society, with so much often misleading information, children need to learn how to analyze and filter their thoughts to derive facts and ideas. Our curriculum gives children a safe and challenging environment to develop their emotional, social, and cognitive abilities to become world leaders.

Grandir CEO
Grandir/Furure Me, Future Us Director

Yasuko Muramatsu

Grandir Co., Ltd. CEO
Grandir / Future Me , Future Us Director

村松 靖子 Muramatsu Yasuko

グランディール株式会社 CEO
Grandir / Future Me,Future Us Director

She lived in the United States and Canada while she was working in aviation. She then launched an international school in her mid-20s and worked as an assistant director in that school. She felt that early childhood education in Japan was lacking. So after engaging in the development of educational toys she became a representative of English language education and global education school in 2013 and opened Grandir. She is a certified child therapist, and recognized as an expert in food education and food therapy by the International Association of Food Sciences.

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Tokyo 107-0062 Share Green Minamiaoyama


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