Our project-based bilingual program nurtures children’s originality, creativity and initiative to take on big challenges. Using an empirically researched and practiced approach, children learn critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and also learn to make connections between different subjects.

With the policies that make early childhood education in Tokyo free, Future Me, Future Us have been designated as a subsidized facility.

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Future Me, Future Us, 創造学習、バイリンガルスクール、バイリンガルキッズ、国際キッズ、英語教育、国際社会、英語スクール、英語キンダー

Future Me, Future Us: Unique Learning Method

Children will require 21st century skills to succeed in the near future.

Creative learning is a compilation of unique methods cultivated from educating children.

Grandir, based in Futakotamagawa, is known for its project-based hands-on English Education Program.

Future Me Future us, based in Shirokane-takanawa, utilizes a similar learning method, but it is more focused on the creative learning aspect.

Children learn the necessary skills to thrive in the 21st century in this bilingual enviroment. Children will acquire their own understanding of the world and their surroundings, and also become lifelong learners through these courses:

Economy, Philosophy, Art, Geography, Environment, Communication

Future Me, Future Us: System

From 2 to 12 years old. You can start at any age.

Future Me, Future Us takes into consideration the age and situation of each child.

At this facility, we provide an environment where children can keep learning and keep challenging themselves to reach their full potential.

Future Me, Future Us: Schedule

Instead of providing each child with a timetable, the amount of time spent on a project is dependent upon the child’s passion to learn and their curiosity on the project. Therefore, the flow of the class is determined by the students.

In typical Japanese educational systems, children follow a strict schedule, such as 2pm for drawing, and 2:30pm is for music, or arithmetic is definitely after science class. Here at Future Me, Future Us, children think, plan, and make their own schedule for each project.

Future Me, Future Us: Projects

When we yearn to learn or challenge ourselves, that is when we become better.

Future Me, Future Us teaches about a wide rage of topics related to human development, as well as those not takes up in kindergarten nor taught in typical elementary schools. Understanding your own ambition, your uniqueness, and your strengths will lead to a deeper understanding of yourself.

Future Me, Future Us: For Parents

Future Me, Future Us

A school for both children and parents.

We value the communication with parents because parents have the greatest influence on their child’s growth. We also host programs in which parents can participate together with their child/children.

Parent’s seminar – “What kind of parent are you going to be?”

We also accept consultations on child care at any time.

Comments from mothers attending “Grandir”

Ms. Muramatsu is an expert in early childhood education, whom respects the individuality of each child while thinking about their future, and she takes a unique approach to suit each child’s individuality. In addition to teaching English, she is quick to notice when a child seems uneasy, and she will reach out to the child and hear them out. Only from then when the child feels the teacher’s care and affection will the child finally feel comfortable attending the school. Not only does my child feel safe in this environment, but as a mother, I have also been warmly supported and relieved of my anxieties and worries. Muramatsu-sensei is always encouraging and dependable with her warm, big smile, and now seven years have passed. Grandir is an irreplaceable classroom not only for children but also for me, I sincerely hope that both my child and I can keep attending Grandir.


My child has been participating in classes since he was three years old. The content of the class is designed to train children’s critical thinking skills and expression skills, but at the same time, make it fun for them. When I see photos or videos of the class, I notice the children enthusiastically participating, and trying hard to understands the teachers guidance. They look concentrated in using all five senses and expressing their feelings in English. I don’t know how many times I’ve wished for an elementary school with this kind of educational content. Dr.Muramatsu has been very helpful and supportive to me as a mother as well. I think that Grandir is a unique school that not only teaches English but aids in the development of children’s abilities through cutting-edge educational programs.

Future Me, Future Us: Overseas and International Exchange Programs

Future Me, Future Us

We offer programs overseas.

From August 2019, Hawaii Parent Program has been implemented as Hawaii Program Vol.1. Focusing on environmental issues of the SDGs (Sustainable Society), children must think about what they can do for the global environment, both in the short-term and in the long-term, and then put it in practice.

Through interaction with various environments that cannot be experienced in Japan, each participant of the program grows and interacts in this environment of learning with world-class experts and local children, while thinking about the Future Me, Future Us.

In August 2020, Hawaii Program Vol.2 will focus on sustainability, while cultivating a child’s creative thinking skills, as well as guiding them how to best utilize their own strengths and abilities to contribute to society.

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Future Me, Future Us: FAQ

FUTURE ME, FUTURE US, 創造学習、探究学習、英語スクール、バイリンガルスクール、バイリンガルキッズ、教育改革、バイリンガルキッズ、表現力

How is the English education at Future Me, Future Us different from other English schools?

Just singing, playing games, and having fun in English lessons cannot provide your child with the skills necessary to thrive in a global environment. At Future Me, Future Us, your child will learn English through Project-based creative learning, where each child will expand their own idea on a certain theme, in their own words and expressions. In the process, your child will learn English that is natural.

What is your position in studying at a school you go to everyday?

Acquisition of correct knowledge and socialization in educational institutions create the essential foundation for living in the 21st century as a global citizen. Learning how to transform basic knowledge and human relationships acquired at school into skills that can be utilized is what Future Me, Future Us are all about

What is the English level requirement to attend class?

You can join from any levels.

How long will I see changes of my child’s growth and performance?

This school nurtures children to be compassionate and responsible. The changes of development cannot be measured by numbers, but rather from within the child. They will possess the ability to succeed, the ability to achieve, and the ability to communicate. Future Me Future Us aims to build the blocks of foundation through project-based learning.

When will the curriculum start?

You can start at any time of the year convenient to you.

What can my child and I get from this school?

Even if you study a lot, and have a lot of knowledge, how are you going to use that knowledge? At Future Me, Future Us, your child will learn how to apply all their knowledge and at the same time, and develop them into their own.

What is the origin of “Future Me, Future Us” ?

The child recognizes, accepts, and continues to grow as an individual. Not only in Japan, but as a global citizen who is able to contribute towards a better society using his/her own skills and abilities. The name stems from envisioning our future selves, and our society. Therefore, Future Me, Future Us.

Future Me, Future Us: Philosophy

Japanese education is changing. While we recognize the various ways of life, what we once saw (knew) is gradually falling apart. Everything that occurs on Earth is unpredictable and can only be captured from a global perspective. This process is accelerating. It is said that children today will have occupations that do not currently exist. They live in a constantly changing, formless society. Even Japan, which is said to have lagged behind in the education department, will finally begin the government-led education reform in 2020. Emphasis will be placed on the child’s independent mindset, not only by focusing on the content for learning, and the skills or abilities, but also, how they are learning or being taught. The evaluation targets curiosity, expressiveness, flexibility, and communication skills to connect with others. If you only think about the education that adults have once received, it will be hard to envision and understand the future of school education for children.

A place of education suitable for the current day-in-age. Grandir has been exploring new ways of teaching English through hands-on learning. And now we have established Future Me, Future Us, an innovative educational environment in which children can acquire the necessary skills for this day-in-age. Grandir cultivates the “ability to succeed”, the “ability to achieve”, and the “ability to communicate” through the creative learning program that explores learning and creativity in a bilingual environment.

Future Me, Future Us: CEO, Founder

Yasuko Muramatsu

Yasuko Muramatsu
Grandir CEO
Grandir/Furure Me, Future Us Director

She lived in the United States and Canada while she was working in aviation. She then launched an international school in her mid-20s and worked as an assistant director in that school. She felt that early childhood education in Japan was lacking. So after engaging in the development of educational toys she became a representative of English language education and global education school in 2013 and opened Grandir. She is a certified child therapist, and recognized as an expert in food education and food therapy by the International Association of Food Sciences.

Future Me, Future Us: Access

ADDRESS:   3F Grande Mita, 2-17-29 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo

By train
10 minute walk from “Shirokane-takanawa station” (exit 2, Tokyo Metro Line and Toei subway line)
8 minute walk from “Mita station” (exit 3, Toei Asakusa line)
11 minute walk from “Tamachi station” (JR Yamanote line)

By bus
2 minute walk from bus stop “Mita-gochome” on the Tokyu bus (東98) and the Toei bus (田87)
5 minute walk from bus stop “Sannohashi” on the Toei bus (都06)